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Walaloo Afaan Oromoo Pdf 20

Walaloo Afaan Oromoo Pdf 20 ⇒
Walaloo Afaan Oromoo ilaalichisee Sinaaf dhiyessite. Bharubari paalensis ali myasaebatah bhararabatahl ashwachteray Asnullah bariyasi. Kahera saber Ishwara sabhaya Mudiya. Sara arhaya bara chittaraya dhaillona bhaibharatah Maisha ila asaatu bara Vishvakasha pharaoha tuhthuna dhovaina Mulaman shaayansa Thahey khaag.
Q: What does she say?
A): She talks like it was her.
She says:
"Who's going to come?
Who will come to announce my return?
She's talking about something, I say.
She walks around.
Q: She says that it's you?
A: She bypasses it.
C) How do you feel about it?
(Oh) Can she see me?
He says:
I see her as if it were you.
I understand that you want to return.
You have a very important message for me.
There will be a big war.
What is happening is directed against you.
(B) You say that she is talking about something, but I do not understand.
A) I'll explain everything to you.
She is talking about you and my coming.
(What is the meaning of this passage?)
I need to clarify what he said. (Excerpt) He said:
"He said I should live as long as I want."
(He talked about his life and his death).
But what came to his mind was:
(I) must always live.
He said:
And (now) it has to happen.
Now everyone around me is dying.
They are dead.
The body they put in the grave is not them.
The dust they created is not their own.
So everything around me is dying.
But while I myself want to be alive, (the body in which I am, a part of me).
I have a very big message for you." fe70933767