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100 books everyone should read. In this collection you will find not only fresh works, but also quite well-known books that have been on the bookshelves for a long time and are not ashamed to recommend.
A popular board game for the whole family. The rules are simple, but you will remember the whole game for a long time!
Two collections of books from Eksmo publishing house in one volume! The collection "Brave Hearts" contains the most favorite literature for boys from 6 to 12 years old. Recognizable characters, favorite adventures, entertaining stories and games...
A book in the style of a Soviet "bedtime story" about a fifth grader who designed and built a special telescope to look at the stars.
The pink girl, who has a powerful ability to kill, will always be a welcome guest in every home. Does she really exist?
Urban legends, gloomy secrets and amazing incidents that happened in a city where everything flows according to its unknown laws.
Free books on magic, witchcraft and evil spirits.
Books by Arthur Conan Doyle and many other authors.
Lots of interesting books! You can add the book to the basket yourself, or choose one of the proposed topics to replenish the list yourself:
How to manipulate people;
How to see the essence of things and events;
You can choose exactly the topic that will be of interest to you:
Secrets of dreams;
Kamasutra for the soul;
A thousand candles. History of passion.
You must select the book you are interested in and place it in the shopping cart.
If you do not understand anything in magic, then the section "Collections for beginners" will suit you.
Using the link above, "My Purchases", you can view all ordered books in your personal account, using the "Empty Basket" service.
Books and authors are listed to the left of the book title. When you select the required book, the price is displayed to the right of the title.
You will be offered other books and authors, at the choice of the buyer.
After clicking on "Stop shopping" you will be taken to the shopping cart. If you change your mind with the choice, then simply click the link "Leave an order". The book you selected will automatically be added to your shopping cart. f02ee7bd2b